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With over 45 years of combined experience, The Art of Yum's award-winning chefs are dedicated to creating an unforgettable culinary experience for everyone they serve.


Meet the three who started it all.

Chef Michone Denae Arrington

 Owner / President / Chef of The Art of Yum, Creator of the Michi Sauce line, and  ESPN culinary legend! I have over 10 years of culinary experience and an incredible clientele, from cooking for musicians like Lil Wayne, Drake and Darrius Rucker, or actors such as Kevin Hart, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Matt Damon, or being a personal chef for the G.O.A.T Jerry Rice, Odell Beckham Jr and Magic Johnson. I am also respected and backed by the great chef Bobby Flay by winning a Flay challenge.


I'm here to share my art with you. If you love creative, artistic works of yum, I am your chef! My team and I guarantee a memorable experience.  

Chef Michone Denae Arrington | The Art Of Yum | Michi Sauces | CONNECTICUT CHEF
Chef Donte Jones | The Art Of Yum | Dijon Donte Sauces | CONNECTICUT CHEF

Chef Donte Jones

Vice President / Chef de Cuisine of The Art of Yum and creator of Dijon Donte Sauce with 13+ years of culinary experience and an incredible clientele. Class leader of his culinary institutes and former sous chef at 2 renowned restaurants.

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