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Who says you can't have a healthy AND delicious meal? Begin your journey to a tastier, healthier lifestyle today. The Art of Yum is committed to making it simple!



Are you thinking, is the vegan lifestyle for me? Very athletic and on the fence? 


You wont miss out! A vegan based diet provides something meat cannot, long-term body support! Maintain a healthy weight, anti-inflammatory which means you wont hurt as much after a bodyroc workout, you will be a disease free fighting machine, you will have more natural energy due to better sleep. Vegan is a great diet for pro athletes as well as your average joe. With this meal plan and the help of hartfords number one fitness ambassador, shaun chambers of bodyroc fit lab, you can stay lean and go green.

No meat, no problem. Still healthy, still delicious.

Performance Plan

Need to pack on the pounds? You thought it was going to be easy?


It’s not as simple as it sounds. Sure, you can down pints of ice cream, visit Pepe's Pizza twice a day, or maybe have Five Guys 5 days a week, but The Art of Yum provides the smart way to gain. If you fill yourself with junk food all the time, just remember, you are what you eat. Let us help you gain while optimizing your overall health!


We set up your gains plan by giving you a healthy option with natural creatine and leucine, nutrient-rich, dense foods - aka healthy carbs - scheduled so that you eat every 4 hours, ending your night with one last bite everyday so you can gain while you sleep.


Sleep longer, because you have a chef to fill your stomach and a fitness guru Hartford's best fitness ambassador, Shaun Chambers from Bodyroc Fit Lab to ease your mind and up your grind!


Toning and losing weight is a major win in so many ways! It’s a positive investment in your body, mind and spirit.


Using a majority of locally-grown, Connecticut foods, organic and cage-free proteins, our 1350-1400 calorie a day meal plan provides the most flavorful, healthy and light meals. Plus, this plan is approved by Hartfords top fitness ambassador, Shaun Chambers of Bodyroc Fit Lab.


Win with us by starting your healthy losses!


A family that eats together, stays together - some wise man


A healthy family is a happier family - some wise woman


The quotes say it all - what if we told you you can save money, save time, lower your stress levels and still sit down with your family and have a delicious meal... with fewer dishes and more fun?


No, we're not talking pizza or fried chicken, no eggrolls or fortune cookies. The Art of Yum Family Meal Plan offers homemade, healthy meals with a grandma-like, delicious twist. Let us put on the apron, you just relax and enjoy family time!


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